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4563 ST RT 350
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Our lightweight fishing rod holder and carrier stands alone in shop or 
garage and convenient to carry 4 rods to vehicle or boat.
Tote-m-poles is always ready for your next trip to the water.
Tote-m-Poles can be used for bank fishing also.
Tote-m-Poles is easily inserted in rod holder in boat and you are ready
to use it as your personal 4 rod holder.
Your fishing rod snaps in place at top of the tote-m-pole to prevent
damage to rods.  The small clip that is in place on  tote-m-pole is for rod up to 3/16 dia. and the larger clip is for rods from 3/16 to 5/8 dia.
We provide  2 larger clips with your original order if you want to change one.  Others are available at a cost.
Tote-m-Poles is a convenient and great way to store, carry, and 
organize your favorite fishing rods.
Tote-m-Poles keeps fishing rods tangle free on a fishing trip or at home.
No assembly required.
Made in USA

Cost of Tote-m-Poles      $15.95   plus $10.00 per item for shipping and handling.
patent pending
            Welcome to Tote-m-Poles        
High quality and 100%
customer satisfaction are
our top priorities.
Easily transport and store your fishing rods.
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